What else is on the farm cont

Farm Gate Sales – Open Wednesday to Sunday 9am to 6pm. After October 31st, appointments are recommended.

Fresh Garden Veggies – straight from our farm to your table. (available in season only)

Garlic / Scape – Culinary, Seed, and Powders. (while stock lasts)

Jams, Jellies, and pickled garlic made here at Kelly Mountain Farm.

Chocolate, is also a favourite here at the farm and is periodically available in the store.


November 14, 2018

The piglets arrived on October 7th and we have lots and lots of bacon seeds to go! The piglets are 6 weeks old this Sunday, November 18.

Please contact us if you’re interested in buying one of these cuties.

The sow is Berkshire / Tamworth / Duroc and

The boar is Duroc / Landrace / Yorkshire and Mulefoot.

So lots of bacon!!


Buff Orpington Chickens (Heritage Breed) – Selling fertilized eggs & chicks

Chillin’ in the herbs after class!

If your looking for a dual purpose bird look no further. These Buff’s are good layers, my girls have even been known to stand up from the nest when its egg collection time. No kidding!!

They are friendly, gentle and have even provided us with a few laughs. If you’re looking for these qualities in a backyard bird? Then Orpington’s are the bird for you. Stop by the farm and check them out.


Muscovy Ducks – Currently increasing our flock

The first born duckling.


Pigs – Berkshire/Landrace/Yorkshire/Tamworth (Heritage crosses) Spring 2018

If you are looking for farm raised pork to be part of your meal times, whether it’s just been weaned or a fully grown pig and ready for the abattoir, Kelly Mountain Farm will do our best to fill your order.

Cher on the Right and Cleo on the Left

Buddy, on his way to Kelly Mountain Farm.

Meet our sweethearts: Cher, Cleo and Buddy. What a personality these three have. Buddy loves his cuddles, however they aren’t as frequent now that his tusks are appearing. Cher has never been a people pig but will allow back scratches if she’s in the  mood. Cleo, on the other hand will be happy to get any scratches you’re offering, she’ll even lay down hoping for more.

Cher is expecting piglets any day now, we are waiting anxiously for their arrival. (October 2018)