Garlic in Many Forms con’t

We have grown a few of the most popular cultivars, such as:

Red Russian – This is a gorgeous bulb with stunning purple wrappers. The Red Russian flavour is more of a medium heat with long lasting taste. Many claim it to be the perfect garlic flavour.

Yugoslavian – This bulb has beautiful white porcelain wrappers with huge cloves. A little warmer than the Red Russian, it slowly moves into a sweeter taste.

German Red – Known to be the easiest of the varieties to peel and the mildest when used in cooking or eating. German Red has a good reputation as being a good all around garlic.

Tibetan – Kelly Mountain Farm has been growing this variety for two years and is now being offered for the first time in 2018. This little beauty allows one to savour its complex flavours, and then BANG, the heat and flavour peaks, almost catching you by surprise.

Creme de la Rasa – For the first time in 2017, this cultivar was available for sale throughout the garlic world. Creme de la Rasa originated here in the Okanagan area of the Trinity Valley. It is easier to peel, has a sweeter flavour with heat that doesn’t overstay its welcome.

Georgian Fire, Korean and Hungarian.

Kelly Mountain Farm is currently under reorganization. If you are looking for a cultivar and cannot find it, drop us a line. We have several garlic contacts and will do our best to connect you with the right people.