People on the farm have been working hard for approximately a year, raising piglets, chicks and now ducklings to provide more of a “farm” atmosphere for visitors and the residents.

Kelly Mountain Farm has FarmGate sales: Chicken eggs, Frozen Pork, and currently we have only a few of our Buff Orpington chicks left. There will be more on the way at the middle of July. The Orpington Heritage breed chicken is one of the best non aggressive breeds around. They have been known to be used for stress related issues and they are great mama’s.

The owner of the farm can be found at the Armstrong Farmers Market on Saturdays from 8:00am to 12:00pm selling Garlic Products, Free Range Chicken and Duck Eggs and assorted cuts of meat.

Hoping to get the website updated soon to provide more details of the changes on the farm. Preorders for meat, eggs and chicks are welcome by emailing at:

One of our Buff’s checking the camera out!
Last year’s Muscovy duckling
The 2019 newbies waiting to hatch
Our Breeding Stock will provide food for your table

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