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Blog 3

Hello everyone, since the last blog was written, there have been a few things happen as we prepare for the coming of spring.  The pig enclosures have been upgraded with new gates and better sleeping quarters. 

Buddy checking the new gate

Cleo and Cher now have individual enclosures, which are next to Buddy. Currently the three are intermingling. Yes, you guessed it! We are hoping to produce more bacon seeds for processing.

More Bacon seeds on the Way!!

For most of Cleo and Cher’s life in 2018, the girls were living together and in a mobile pen. We kept them busy rooting up a specific area for future development. After Cher farrowed and the babes were old enough, Cleo and Cher, with her piglets were moved into their new homes. 

We had one piglet, “Pokerdot” leave a number of weeks ago to her forever home. We all miss her funny antics. To be honest, I find it hard to say goodbye to an animal that has been part of the farm and part of my life, whether it is for 6 weeks, 6 months or 6 years. There is a special place in my heart for each and every animal that has been part of our farm. 

The Farm saw a loss of Muscovy hens and ducklings this year to predators. This is certainly one of the challenges of allowing animals to free range. Sadly, we say goodbye and continue on. Extra time spent with a grieving flock seems to keep spirits up. We combined the young ducklings with a few young chicks. 

As time draws closer, the farm is preparing for planting and irrigating the crops. Planning the next vegetable garden and speculating our next steps to growth. 

Cheers for now, 

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